Loving Completely is a groundbreaking, self-directed online course—and now book!—designed to help you build the 5 ESSENTIAL SKILLS that every incredible marriage or love affair has. Now available as a Course+Book Bundle.

Do You Want A Fulfilling Marriage & Lifelong Love Affair?

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Web Course + Free eBook
by Dr. Keith Witt, Ph.D.


Relationships start with a spark, but that spark is designed to die down after about a year. Do you know how to reignite the lust & sex drive inside your relationship and your partner's arousal system?

1. Erotic Polarity

2. Physical & Psychological Health

Relationships thrive when healthy behaviors become habitual and you become better at managing your wide range of physical & emotional states across your life.

5 Essential Components of Amazing, Lifelong Love Affairs & Marriages

4. Show Up As Parent & Family Member

Building "attunement" in the family (either immediate or extended) is the 4th hallmark of awesome relationships (even those without kids!). In fact, research has shown that a mismatch between "emotional coaching" vs. "emotional dismissing" partners predicts divorce with 80% accuracy!

Women initiate 80% of conflict management conversations, and successful marriages depend heavily on how the other spouse "turns toward" those openings. All relationships have conflict, but getting back to love is a hallmark of thriving relationships.

3. Move From Conflict to Love

Ability to recognize the deepest gifts of your partner, and be recognized by them for your own, is the fifth hallmark of amazing, lifelong relationships. Have you built the attunement and self-awareness to know what is sacred in your partner and yourself and how to amplify it over the course of your life?

5. Deep Soul's Purpose

Who is Loving Completely for?

Couples. And singles. Anyone really. Everyone, preferably.

If you are in a relationship: Loving Completely will help improve almost every aspect of your love life. Ideally you and your partner will take the course together, but you can also take it on your own.

If you are single: Whom you choose to spend the rest of your life with is the most important decision you will ever make. Loving Completely will help you make the most conscious, most loving decision possible. And when you do find yourself in a relationship you can always re-take this program with your partner, as you have lifetime access to this course.

Book Now Available!

Loving Completely: A Five Star Practice for Creating Great Relationships

"Why is it that 40 percent of U.S. adults report chronic loneliness and over 60 percent of self-reported lonely people are married and live with a spouse? 

Satisfying modern relationships are complicated and demanding in ways that are regularly difficult to understand and deal with.

That’s why this is a different kind of relationship book. Not only do I explain why we know so much about intimacy and still have to struggle so hard to be consistently fulfilled, but I’ll tell you what to do about it when the inevitable problems arise"Dr. Keith Witt

Watch Dr. Keith Witt share his "Five Star" approach at a recent TEDx conference.

Course Structure

More than 6 hours of audio teachings and practices. 

Each module is accompanied by practices that you can do with your partner or by yourself. 


Module 1 • 8 Lessons

Erotic Polarities

Module 2 • 8 Lessons

Maintaining Physical and Psychological Health

Module 3 • 8 Lessons

The Willingness to Get Back to Love

Module 4 • 6 Lessons

Showing Up as a Parent or Family Member

Module 5 • 8 Lessons

Deep Soul's Purpose

Module 6 • 7 Lessons

About the Author

Keith Witt

Dr. Keith Witt is a Licensed Psychologist, teacher, and author who has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, CA for over forty years.

Dr. Witt is the founder of The School of Love, at www.drkeithwitt.com, where he offers his School of Love Lecture Series, blogs, e-copies of his five books, Therapist in the Wild webseries, and Integral Conversations audios and videos on health, love, relationship, sexuality, spirituality, development, and psychotherapy-related topics. He has given three TEDx talks, all available on his website.

What People Are Saying

Mark Sylvester, CEO
 Intro Networks

"Keith has had a profound impact on our relationship for the past few years. His intuition and understanding of the various situations and challenges we have brought to him helps us get to actionable steps very quickly. He knows we rely on tools that we can use when ‘life happens’. These tools have helped us get through potentially rough patches and rebound quickly."

Patricia Albere, founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective

"Keith Witt is a master therapist who has also deeply immersed himself in spiritual practice and teachings from many traditions from which he draws upon in his work with relationships. His awareness is deeply embedded in the knowledge that existence is made of relatedness and interconnectivity. All of this allows his work to not only be powerful and effective, but an exquisite expression of the dance of relatedness itself."

"The courage to make value judgments reminds that there is no good unless we do it. Keith shows us step by step how our brains can be rewired to move from clueless to mindful and what he calls dialed-in, showing us paths to live happier, more responsible and sustainable lives and relationships."

Martin Ucik, Author Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men

It includes Loving Completely Web Course and Digital Copy (.epub and .mobi) of "Loving Completely: A Five Star Practice for Creating Great Relationships" by Dr. Keith Witt.

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